Over the past few weeks we have played a lot of Clash Royale and we have have gathered some interesting information. We played a dozen of different styles to find out which one is the best. Indeed with some strategies you are promised better results, but in the end it the outcome always depends on your opponent and how you react to his actions. Every gamer has a different play style and you have to adapt to it each and every time. This can be frustrating at the beginning, but soon after the first few hours of playing you know how to react to certain situations. We would like to address the elephant in the room, which is clearly not being seen by everyone. Getting to the top takes practice and you always have to be patient. Stay calm as you watch the moves of your enemy. Depending what he does you also have to do something. Not many people don’t know what to do when they are in a difficult situation. Here is one important tip: Make a list for yourself with all possible moves the enemy could do. Also write down the best counter attack per move. By doing this in advanced you will always know what to do next. In Clash Royale free Gems treasure chests are very crucial. They give you new cards which can improve your deck and lead the way to victory. Getting those gems to open these treasure chests should always be your main target. Listen closely, if you open many chests you will have better cards and thus better chances in winning. Hence players often buy gems with money, to win more matches. They want to be better than their friends and destroy them, even though if that means wasting your money on a free to play game like Clash Royale is. This isn’t necessary since we know about a Clash Royale hack which can provide you with free gems. This might sound like scam but indeed it is not. It is the complete opposite as I would say. You are being scammed by the game since gems are so rare, the only way to get them is by purchasing them. In the end it’s up to you though wether to use it or not, you decide.